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Intec Hidden Hardware

Intec - the invisible window fitting

Intec - the invisible window fitting

With the hidden intec fitting, rekord is setting new standards in window design. Finally the visual effect of your windows need not be spoiled by surface fitted components.

New perspectives for your windows
Thanks to intec's technology, the fittings are fully integrated in the window frame and casement. No more visible hardware and cover caps to detract from the special effect of your windows.

Nice to look at
The new intec hinge system can be fitted to almost all timber, AluClad and uPVC windows and is the ideal solution for those not wishing to see any fittings on their windows.

Nice to care for
Permanent lubrication makes re-greasing unnecessary. Intec provides low maintenance as well as permanently smooth running.

Nice and secure
Intec is equipped with small, compact hinge-side components. The special un-hinging prevention system is already integrated in the pivot bearing hinge as standard. In addition, the fitting can be upgraded by two further security levels.

- Beautiful visual effects with hidden fittings
- No missing or damaged cover caps
- Easy to care for and low maintenance
- Constantly smooth running
- Integrated unhinging security