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Security Systems

Better to be safe than sorry

In the UK, a break-in occurs every 40 seconds, of which around 80% are through windows and window type doors. It is only sensible, therefore, to equip your new rekord windows and doors with extra security features from the options listed below.

Flexible window security systems - the choice is yours

rekord has structured its security systems on a modular basis. With four security levels available, you can select the optimum solution for each window in any given location in your house, and the risk zones associated with it.

Security handles - beautiful and reliable

A beautifully designed window needs a beautifully designed handle. These are available in various finishes and can be supplied with built in locking and drill protection.

You can see a small selection of these options below, and EHS Architectural can advise you on further options.


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rekord basic locking *

Two corner guides Safety

To prevent levering of the sash, all rekord window systems are already protected by the standard two mushroom pins and two security lock pieces. Upgradeable to rekord-protection or security lock.

rekord locking protection *

1. Security Corner tilt and turn
2. Corner hinge backup
3. Security Corner, band at top
4. Security Corner, handle side
5. Secustik TM window handle
6. Upgradeable to rekord safety lock.

rekord safety lock *

1. Security Corner tilt and turn
2. Security center lock, cross below
3. Security center lock, hinge side
4. Security Corner, band at top
5. Security Corner, handle side
6. Security stay guide
7. Security DK gear
8. Drilling and lockable window handle

* Safety equipment can vary depending on the type, range and window design.
** After German safety standard resistance class 2 (RC 2 N) according to specifications of rekord hardware suppliers. The full element with resistance class 2 is only achieved in combination with a safety glass and other decorative details.